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Sunday, 21 August 2011

My Favorite Subject

My favorite subject is mathematics and additional mathematics. I love whatever subject that involved a number. I start like subject mathematics since I in a kindergarten.
When I Form 3, I always got a higher mark on this subject. Sometimes, only me that pass this paper. My mathematics's teacher told me that she hoped I got A for her paper in PMR. Not only my teacher but I also hoped I can got A for subject mathematics. When the results were announced, I got A for this subject and my teacher gave me RM50 as a present because I got A for her subject.
I start learned additional mathematics when I Form 4.  All my friends told me that this subject very difficult but I said to them this subject very best and interesting subject, my friends just laugh at me. If I don't understand what my teacher teach in class I will do some exercise and do the revision until I really understand. I target I got A+ for subject mathematics and at least B for additional mathematics. But I'm disappointed because I just got A for subject mathematics not A for this paper. And for additional mathematics I got B+, at least it is pass my target.

My Bestfriend

I got one best friend and I already know her since we still in form 1. Her name is Zarina binti Abas. She is very intelligence person and now she study at UTM. She is a good friend because she always help me when I need her help. She never angry or whatever when I ask her help. She will help me as she can help.
I very comfortable during I and her because she always make me laugh, happy and smile along time with her.
We always do work together, whatever we always together. Until my other friends call us like a twins that can't separate it.
But were we in Form 4, we are not a same class anymore. This is because her result for PMR better than me and she got a first class while I got a second class. We still can see, still can rest together and so on because our class just side by side.
Even now we rarely see but we still contact each others. We contact through facebook, call or messages. She will call me two days once or I will call her.
I very proud I got a best friend like her. I already look her like my sister.

Preparation of Hari Raya

Every year, we will celebrate Hari Raya and before we celebrate Hari Raya, we will do some preparation for Hari Raya.
My family also do some preparation for celebrate Hari Raya. Basically, my family will buy a new clothes and some goods to make a "kuih raya".
Firstly, my family will buy a new clothes for Hari Raya. Usually, my mother will decide what the theme color for the clothes. For my brothers and my father, their clothes will sent to someone to sewing their clothes. My father do not my mother sewing his clothes, I don't know why but it is what my mother told to me. My mother's clothes and me, usually my mother who will sewing our clothes. This is because it will save our money.
Besides that, my mother also do some "kuiih raya" for preparation of Hari Raya. My mother dislike to buy "kuih raya" because she said the "kuih raya" very expensive and the taste not necessarily good. When my mother want to make "kuih raya" I will help her what I can. Every year my mother will make any types of "kuih raya" such as conflex, chocolate chip, pineapples tart and peanut biscuit.
And then "malam raya", my family will busy with make "ketupat". I like to make "ketupat". If I does't have worked to do I will help them to make the "ketupat".


One Day in UiTM

I was arrived at UiTM around 11.00am and when I on the way enter into the UiTM, the MPP gave me a paper that write the name of college where I will stay for 5 semester. Agter I got a paper, the MPP asked me to register the college and take the key. After I finished register my college I brought my all things into my room. When I go to my rom, my roommate already in my room. She same batch with me but we are different course. After I put my things in my room, my parents and I go to Cafe Ila to take lunch and then we go to "Pusat Islam" or PI to pray. After that, I return back to my room and the MPP make the announcement so that a new students to gathered under the college. Before I come down, my parents told me that they should back to home because tomorrow they need to work.
The MPP asked us as a new students to gathered under the college and go to PI and pray together. After pray, we need to go Dewan Sri Temenggong (DST) for listening the talk. The talk started from 5pm until 6.30pm and the talk was finished we need to go dining to eat. The MPP gave us 5 minutes to finished our foods. After finished eaten, we need to do PI to pray.We were stayed at PI until 9pm and then we have to go DST again to listen talk again. The second talk finished around 11.30pm and we can go back but before we go back, we need to take supper, then can go back to sleep. That's my routines during the orientation.


A Ghost Story

It was happened when I'm on mid semester break.
One day, my father told me that he have to go out because he had something to do. And I'm alone at home that time. After my father go out, I did anything such as cooking, washing clothes, and watching television. After I finished my worked that I did before I do my assignment. After I tired to do the assignment I was slept for a while I waiting "Azan Zohor" and I set alarm o'clock but I didn't heard the alarm.
All of sudden, I felt like someone clapped my hand and I was shocked. Then, I looked around but no one there and I just ignore it and slept again. A few minutes ago, I heard someone said to me "wake up and go to pray" and I was shocked for the second times. I directly wake up and go to pray.
Then, I told my mother what already happened to me and she advised me so that I do not sleep before pray. After the incident, I never sleep before I pray first.  

Childhood Memory of Ramadhan

I started fasting when I was 5 years old but that time my fasting is nor full.
I still remembered when I was 7 years old, my brothers and me was planned not fasting that day because that morning we not "bersahur". My parents not have at home because they go to work. At home only have My brothers and me.
My first brother gave his suggestion to cook burger and my second brother and I agree with his suggestion. After that, we cook the burger and we ate it together. We very happy that time without thought the bad effect what have we did. We thought, what we did not reach the ears of our parents but we were wrong. My parents knows we lied them that we pretend fasting but actually not.
My parents know we lied them because we didn't not washed the skillet after we cooked the burger. As usually, after my mother back from her office, she will cook. When she enter into the kitchen, she was shocked because she saw the skillet at the stoves. This is because that morning my mother did not cooked because she wake up late. Then my mother opened the refrigerator and saw the burger was already half. And from there my mother know we did not fasting and my mother told my father what had already happened.
When the break fast time, my parents pretended that they didn't know what we already did in the morning. After pray, my father called we and asked us what my mother told him was truth or not. At time, we very afraid because my parents already know that we did not fasting. When I looked y father's face, he very angry and we finally admit that we didn't fasting. After my father listened, he hit us because we lied them. My father dislike people lied him. Then, after the incident, we never did it again.


10 Facts about me

1. I'm a sensitive person
I'm said I sensitive because I can't people angry with me. If have someone angry or make me touching, I will take a long time to close with them again like before this. I don't know why I'm very sensitive. One day my father was angry to me and I'm not ate for the whole day and after my father knows that I not ate for the whole day, he sent some foods into my room and he coax me so that I ate the food.

2. I'm a hot temper person
I very easy to angry even the simple things. For example, when I find something but I can't find it, I will angry. The worst thing when I angry is I will vector items that available in front or around me. I was angry with my friend because she lied me and at that time I hold my hand phone, without think carefully I directly through out my hand phone.

3. I loves cat
I really like cats and I can't see cats. If I see cats I will call it, I will stroke that cat and I will play with it. I've one cat at home. I love my cat very much. Every time I come back to my home, I will stroke my cat and I will play with it. Not only that, I also will bathe my cat and give my cats eat.

4. I don't like cockroach
I very hate cockroach. If I see the cockroach, I will kill it with used broom or ridsect. If I used ridsect to kill the cockroach, until half of ridsect I used to kill cockroach. Once a day, when I want to sleep the cockroach walk on my leg and screaming. Without wasting time I directly kill the cockroach. Because of the cockroach, I didn't sleep for one night.      

5. I don't like kids
I don't like kids who age 3 years above. If the kids below 3 years I can accept it but if the kids above 3 years, I automatically don't like them. This is because, I already set on my mind that kids who age 3 years very naughty and so difficult to control them. Based on my experience, my cousin who age around 3 to 4 years hits my head during I was watching the television. I very angry at the time but I can't do anything because her parents was here. Until now I don't like her.

6. I'm easy to sulk
I don"t know why I"m easy to sulk. If have someone  angry or speak loud towards me, I automatically will sulk. Especially my mother and my brother. Once a day, my brother angry and speak loudly towards me and I sulk with him for two days. My brother know I sulk with him and he try to coax me but I ignore it. When I ignore, he try to coax me with buy the KFC because he know I very like KFC and we eat the KFC together.

7. I love playing badminton
I'm very love to play badminton. If I have a free time, I will play badminton. At home I will play badminton with my father and my brother every weekend. At UiTM, I will play badminton with my friends and my roommates. When my friends and I have a free time we will be playing badminton together at court badminton.

8. I love to read novels
Besides playing badminton, I  also loves reading malay novels. Usually, I reading novels before I going to sleep. My friends and I shared with same hobby and we basically will change the novels after finished read the novels. I start reading novels during I form 3 and the first novels that I read is Ombak Rindu.
9. I love purple color
My favorite color is purple. Almost my things were color purple. I can't see color purple and I will be excited. For me, color purple very beautiful and an unique color. 

10. I easy to cry
I easy to cry if I heard a sad story. If I watch a sad movie or drama I will be cry, I don't know why. When my brothers or my friends saw me crying they laugh of me. Even I reading sad story I also will cry.