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Sunday, 21 August 2011

My Favorite Subject

My favorite subject is mathematics and additional mathematics. I love whatever subject that involved a number. I start like subject mathematics since I in a kindergarten.
When I Form 3, I always got a higher mark on this subject. Sometimes, only me that pass this paper. My mathematics's teacher told me that she hoped I got A for her paper in PMR. Not only my teacher but I also hoped I can got A for subject mathematics. When the results were announced, I got A for this subject and my teacher gave me RM50 as a present because I got A for her subject.
I start learned additional mathematics when I Form 4.  All my friends told me that this subject very difficult but I said to them this subject very best and interesting subject, my friends just laugh at me. If I don't understand what my teacher teach in class I will do some exercise and do the revision until I really understand. I target I got A+ for subject mathematics and at least B for additional mathematics. But I'm disappointed because I just got A for subject mathematics not A for this paper. And for additional mathematics I got B+, at least it is pass my target.